In a nutshell

I'm George. Web developer since the late '90s.

My "weapon of choice" is PHP for 20 years now. Some networking and syadmin experience. "Hardcore" e-commerce development for the last 10 years (give or take), primarily with Magento.

While I still work with PHP, and still doing some Magento, for the past 2 years I moved to serverless (AWS the "weapon of choice" changed to NodeJS, and the main platform is... custom, we built it. Well, it's an ever-evolving thing.

Finished both maths/computer-science high-school and Uni. Married. Happily! Have a son. Like to play guitar (not too much time lately), watch the starts though my telescope. DIY genius for a 20m radius from my house (m as in "meters", not "miles"...). Working in Manchester. Live in Warrington. Born in Cernavoda. Lived in Bucharest.