November 1, 2018

Starting again, somewhere new

No, not leaving the country this time :-) And also, not talking about one of my all-time favourite songs. Just some changes. Big changes. Bigger than last time I said this.

End of an Era

Starting the end of last month (Sept. 2018 that is), I'm no longer a "Space 48"-er. It was a difficult decision to make, but I had to do it. When asked "why", I replied that like most "Hollywood marriages", it comes a time when "irreconcilable differences" needs to be called. Lately been feeling more and more that the company's future plans don't really align with my own. This, plus the fact that despite being with the company a bit over 7 years, was feeling more and more pushed aside, "out of the way". Felt like it wasn't "my Space 48" anymore. Not in the sense of "ownership", of course, it's a figure of speech. Also, the infusion of new people in the company didn't helped me either. Let's just say I wasn't seeing "eye to eye" with most of them.

So as I said, was a difficult decision to make, but I made it, in the end.


Found a new "home away from home". Still in Manchester. I no longer work for an agency, I went "full-retail" starting this October. The company is and is what is called a "fast fashion" retailer. They're big! Really big! Or should I say now "we're big"? And it's pink! With Unicorns! :-)

And "fast" it is, indeed! Love the fact that it keeps me challenged all the time, with new ideas to be implemented. For a really long time I heard things like "oh, it's the worst, working retailer-side", or "you wouldn't like it". Pardon my "French" - Bullsh*t! I love it, over there! Not to mention the people, everyone I came in contact with so far have been really friendly and very helpful. For the moment, I didn't felt like there are any over-sized egos or something. I know, I know, I'm still new there, a "sping-chicken" but personally, I usually spot people that fit that pattern a few miles away.

Oh, one important thing I'm starting to realise here is that not everything starts and ends with Magento. I'm slowly starting to look into and work with other technologies. Not talking necessarily only about ecommerce platforms, but programming languages/technologies as well. Should've done this some time ago, really...

And by the way, (re)starting to get back into Python, fancied it when I was way younger, wondering now why I gave it up (I believe this is my mid-life crisis).

Anyway, that's kinda it, for my autumn update.

See ya' in my next post (probably in about a year or so, given my proven track record of posting here). My all 3 visitors/year will be so disappointed :-D

Peace out!