February 3, 2018

Old laptop display brought back to life!

A long time ago, used to have a Dell Vostro. It was a beauty, I must say. 17inch wide display, 16RAM, Intel i7 processor, 500GB hard-drive.

On the downside - well... it was a Dell. Chunky, like old Dells were, back in the day. It served it's purpose for me, for quite a few years, and after I was done with it, my son used it for... well - gaming. Most of them old "retro" games. That was until I introduced the RetroPie build in our household :)

Anyway, the old laptop, being old, it broke down. With the help of quite a bit of... juice/yoghourt/food spilled all over (my son, not me, I swear!).

For while (read "a few years") it was just in a cupboard, hidden away. Completely forgot about it. And after a while, thought it's a good idea to take it apart and see what I can salvage from it.

Of course the display was one of the main components I was after. Have plans to use it in conjunction with a Raspberry Pi and stick it on one of the walls in my dining room. No idea yet for exactly what, but I'm sure I'll figure something out. Search and display different recipes when we're cooking maybe?

Anyway, the display by itself it's kinda useless. That is, until I got one of these boards and brought it back to life, today!

Bought the board on ebay a few months back but didn't had any time to try it and see if and how it's working exactly. Until today! :) It's kinda cool, I see a lot of possibilities for the new old display. IT'S ALIIIVE!!!