May 2, 2019

Not a newbie anymore!

As all my 3 visitors/year know, I started a job at recently. Well... recently meaning 6 months ago, give or take.

The reason I'm writing this now is that I recently beacame a full-blown "unicorn". This means I passed my 6 months probation. So I'm "one of the gang" now :-) Anyway, the thing is I like this job even more after those first 6 months. I mean, really like. Really, really like it!

The role changed slightly as well, not only a "senior magento developer", but now a "senior developer", meaning that I'm doing so much more now, getting to play with a lot of new and cutting-edge technologies and getting the proper time to learn new things.

I will only mention a few - started to build stuff hardcore now using the Amazon Web Services stack, with the language of choice for the Lambda Functions being NodeJS and the data storage in DynamoDB.

As a new framwork to build the UIs, started to look into ReactJS and absolutely loving it. Javascript is not what is used to be, evolved so much while I was burrying my head only in Magento!

So yeah, in other words - love this job! :-)

Peace out! :-)

Gotta go and play chess with my boy (he just started going to a chess club in school and he's really hooked!).